Trainer Details

Sarah Kelbel

Owner, Head Trainer


I am not someone who was “always into fitness”. It wasn’t until I became a mother that I felt the urgent need to focus on my mind, body, and overall health for my daughter. For years, I had hidden my body away and struggled with deep image insecurities due to my brush with death in 2003. After defeating Necrotizing Fasciitis, I no longer knew my body. I had scars and massive changes in my overall shape. But after having my daughter, I knew that wasn’t the person I wanted to be for her. I trained for and ran marathons. I did the at-home workout programs. I did the nutrition programs. I did it all. But it wasn’t until I found the barbell that I found the fire burning deep inside. A piece of me I never knew existed flared into life, and I became obsessed with making this newfound hobby my lifestyle and my mission. Phoenix Training has grown to include the expertise of many personal trainers, a yoga class, created an adult-focused Barbell class and a youth weight lifting class Phoenix Varsity Club designed exclusively for middle school and high school girls.

Fave exercise: anything Crossfit

Fave food: pizza, tacos, anything chocolate

Fave music: punk rock

Fave hobby: puzzles and games

When I’m not training I’m: doing CrossFit, at home with my husband and 2 children, and definitely NOT cooking.

Coaching style: I love to inspire people to do things they didn’t think they would be able to.  That is what connected ME to fitness, and I love that path of self-discovery!

Things you didn’t know: I’ve been in 2 bodybuilding competitions and run a marathon but didn’t discover fitness until my 30s. I had a double hip replacement in 2022, had to relearn to walk, exercise and lift weights post-surgery and owe a huge part of my successful recovery to weight training. I love competing in local CrossFit competitions just for fun.