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Fave exercise: Olympic barbell lifts

Fave food: pizza, tacos, anything chocolate

When she’s not training she’s: doing CrossFit, at home with her husband and 2 children, and definitely NOT cooking.

Coaching style: I love to inspire people to do things they didn’t think they would be able to.  That is what connected ME to fitness, and I love that path of self-discovery!

Things you didn’t know: She’s been in 2 fitness competitions and run a marathon but didn’t discover fitness until her 30s.  She is a nutrition nerd but hates cooking. 



Fave Exercise: Deadlift + Kettlebell SwingsFave Food: a bagel, egg & sausage breakfast sandwich, fresh fish tacosFave Treat: mike 'n ikes, french fries and a good burger with all the fixings!When she's not training she's: being a taxi to her 4 kids, hanging by the pool soaking in sunshine and reading any chance she can get!Coaching Style: I love helping clients cross the bridge from disbelief to confidence in themselves, helping them see their full potential. I love taking some old moves but putting a spin on it...I love to make fitness simple and fun!!Things You May Connect With: She's a twin mom (it was a huge surprise!) but now has 4 kids within 5 years. She's been dairy free for 8 years and doesn't really miss it. Fitness has been a part of her life for years but it wasn't until 2006 after battling an eating disorder that she fell in love with weights, the way they can change your shape, your confidence and make you feel like a total boss!!!

Class info: In her classes you’ll be coached on form, technique but challenged to push past the limiting beliefs in your head and accomplish results you haven’t seen before! You’ll do circuits partner work and gain a more functional base to do life easier! For all experience and fitness levels!



Fave exercise: Any barbell movements, especially legs!
Fave food: All Asian food, fruity gummy candy
When she’s not training she’s: at home with her husband and 2 black cats (Kit and Jinx), doing her nails, or photographing nature and friends/family.
Coaching style: I love to encourage embracing heavy weights
Things you didn’t know: She works full time during the day as a Senior Data Analyst.


Fave lift: “Any version of a clean, also deadlift, even though it gives me butterflies every time.”
How did you get into fitness? “Been into fitness my whole life... mostly have always loved running.  Got into lifting weights after my third child Chloe was born.  Fell in love with feeling strong.”
More about the Kersktra family: “I have a husband, Brian, and 3 Kids Cole (16), Clara (14), Chloe (12).
Cole loves fishing and the girls are competitive swimmers.”
Fave food: “Beef, rice, and broccoli. I'm a simple girl!”
Instagram: @maggie.Phoenix1


5020 E Beltline Ave NE, Suite 105
Grand Rapids, MI 49525


(616) 287-4474


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