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Phoenix Is Turning 2!!!




Ladies Night Out

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An Afternoon With KM Mcintyre


Shapes are just that - shapes!  You don’t need to be at any fitness level to work with us.  We love helping beginners just as much as anyone else.  Or even if you’re beginning AGAIN.  We’re here for it.

Because of the PERSONAL nature of our coaching, our training will look very different from one person to the next.  We will evaluate your goals, fitness level, and what you enjoy to find the best routines for you! Whether you want to increase range of motion, improve chronic knee pain, lift weights for the first time, hit some personal records, learn new skills, improve your cardiovascular health, lose weight, gain some serious muscle, or just have some fun and relieve some stress we promise to help you reach your goals. 

The only requirements for YOU are an open mind, comfortable clothes you can move in, and a pair of clean sneakers.  Water bottles are recommended or we will have them for sale if you forget!  We have sweat towels for you to use if needed. 

Your first session will include more talking than normal, but we will also make sure you get a workout in too!  We will take you through a fitness assessment and health history so we can personalize your experience.  We will chat about what goals you have, what your time investment will be, and how we can best serve you to meet those needs.  This is the perfect time to bring up any old injuries, health concerns, etc. with your trainer.  We ask that you don’t hold back - we’d rather get TOO MUCH INFO than not enough.  So, when in doubt, please share.  Things might get a little personal… but that’s why its PERSONAL training.  From there, we’ll make a plan for your training, and talk about things like nutrition, sleep, stress, and all those other things that are part of the secret sauce of health success.  Our goal is for you to leave feeling excited, a little sweaty, and most of all, ENCOURAGED.  Your courage brought you in the door - that’s something to celebrate!  Now lets tackle those GAINS!

Children have a place at Phoenix Training too!  If you don’t have childcare, your kids are welcome at the studio in our “kids only” space with free internet access, art supplies, and toys.  We never want kids to be the EXCUSE you can’t come work out.  We want them to be the REASON you come work out, and understand that some days it just means they need to come with. 

For some children, being with their parents might be more enjoyable (and for the parents too!).  In that case, we are happy to do a parent-child duo session for the same price as your normal session.  The same policy goes for classes.  All we ask is they are minimally distracting to others training at the same time. 


5020 E Beltline Ave NE, Suite 105
Grand Rapids, MI 49525


(616) 287-4474


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